Top 5 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Garage Slatwall in 2024

Top 5 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Garage Slatwall in 2024

Top 5 Factors to Consider when Selecting a  Garage Slatwall in 2024

Which is Best Pegboard VS Slatwall?

Don't worry we won't be wasting any of your time on this question.  If you have searched the internet on this subject at all you will see countless numbers of blog posts answering this, and guess what!  Pegboard loses almost every time.

  So let's get to the 5 important things you want to think about when selecting the slatwall package you will need to finish out your garage organization project.



1) How much moisture and temperature change will your slatwall will be exposed to?

By answering this question first we can possibly eliminate some of the options we have for material that the slatwall we choose will be made of.

Is your garage like most others, a non heated space that is exposed to different levels of moisture as well as temperature change?  We don't think about it, but even the snow, ice and water that is carried in on our vehicles is enough to eventually do serious damage to any MDF/particle board cabinets, pegboard, and/or slatwall.

If that is your situation then that narrows the choice down to either PVC or Aluminum slatwall.

2) Durability of PVC and Aluminum Slatwall

Both of these materials are virtually impervious to normal temperature changes and exposure to periodic high levels of moisture should have no effect either.  So in most cases this will not be the deciding factor.

  Both materials will be capable of enduring rigorous use for years to come even in the most active environments where tools are repeatedly taken down and replaced again and again.

Proslat Slatwall See Our Selection

3) How Much Weight Can Slatwall Handle?

PVC slatwall is capable of carrying loads of up to 75 pounds per square foot. 

Aluminum Slatwall can handle twice as much. It has a 150 pound per square foot load rating.

So it will be important for you to take the time to think exactly what type of things you will want to hang on your new slatwalls. 

If you just need to organize the kids sports gear and hang a few house hold items on it then the PVC would be a good choice, but for heavier items that you might see in a more active mechanics garage then aluminum might be the way to go.

4) What accessories are available for Slatwall?

Proslat Slatwall systems, whether you are considering PVC or their aluminum slatwall, makes a very large assortment of hooks, shelves, and baskets.  Many of the hooks are special purpose and therefore special design.  The same is true of the baskets and some of the other special accessory items such as the wall mount shop vac.

This is another opportunity for you to do some planning in advance as to just what you will be hanging on your slatwall. 

Proslat offers several bundles of slatwall and hook, basket, accessory combinations.  Your initial purchase would be a great time to save money if you know exactly what bundle you want to buy. 

Of course you can always add additional hooks and shelves as needed as you go.


5) What about the price of Slatwall?

At this point in the conversation if all of the factors above are equal in your situation it always comes down to cost.

PVC Proslat slatwall costs approximately $100 for every 4 foot by 4 foot section.  Aluminum is about 2 and a half times more. 

The accessories are interchangeable between the two so that is not a factor in the cost consideration.

If you need the heavier payload then the higher cost will need to be part of your budget calculation.

If cost isn't a factor for you then it may come down to what you find more attractive.  The PVC does have some color choices available. The aluminum comes in a bright finish.  Both are quite nice looking when installed, so personal preference may come down to be the tie breaker here.




If you are tearing out any old construction that includes old pegboard then hang onto those old hooks.  Sometimes those are usable on slatwall as well as peg board and you may save yourself a few bucks on accessories.

The Bottom Line:

With any project you have at your house no matter how well you may think you have planned it out in advance normally by the time you are finished you discover one or two things you overlooked.

Our blog posts like this one are usually the same.  No matter how well we may think we covered the subject we may have overlooked something that is very important to your particular situation.

Always feel free to contact us at: with any questions we may have failed to address. If we don't have the answer we will use our contacts at the manufacturers factory's to get you the info you need to successfully complete any garage project.

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