Top 5 D-I-Y Organization and Garage Tool Storage Ideas for 2024

Top 5 D-I-Y Organization and Garage Tool Storage Ideas for 2024

Top 5 Organization and Garage Tool Storage Ideas for 2024

Are you tired of tripping over all kinds of things in your garage while you try to get into your car? I cannot even begin to count how many times I used to knock something over or almost fall down while in my garage.

Maybe your garage is so disorganized that you just dream about being able to park a car in it someday.  Garages are the natural place for items to be stored when you first move in, but too often, many of those boxes of things never really get put away, and they end up stacked in your garage for years.

Then, over time, more and more get stacked up on top of them. Too often, the real purpose of a garage, which is to store your car, gets put in second place to an easy, messy place to store your "stuff."

Do you waste too much time EVERYTIME you try to locate that one tool you need for the job at hand when they are scattered across your workbench and half a dozen shelves or cabinets? 

If you are at all like I used to be, then you often spend more time trying to find the right tool for the job than the time needed to do the job itself.  I had tools scattered all over the house.  Different tool boxes with different contents are available in many locations. 

I always thought I would remember where they were, but when the time came to use them, my memory was never as good as I thought it was.


WOrkbench garage organization

How about the young active family with bikes, yard furniture, the grill, baseball, golf, football, soccer, gear lying around till it is in season.  It is a challenge just to get from one side of your garage to the other. Am I right? 

We all would love to have that nice, clean, organized, garage, but where would you even start?  Just the fact that you are here reading this is a sign that you are in the right place to get started today! 

Getting any living space organized is a big job.  It may seem impossible, but it isn’t really.  The longer we live in any one location, the more we accumulate and the more important our garage storage space becomes.  

Even the annual Holiday decorations need their own storage cabinet or closet to be kept for that  one special time of year. Am I right? Again?  

Garage organization is critical for all of us that can’t just move into a bigger home to store all of our stuff, or bear to throw out the things we have become attached to over the years.

Proper Garage storage, well organized, makes any home more attractive, but it also will save you a lot of time and frustration during your day to day routine.


Common Questions about Garage Storage

 1) This first group of questions are all related so we decided to group them together and give one complete answer to cover them all.

  • How to get your garage organized?

  • How to plan my garage organization?

  • Where do I start to organize my garage storage?

 The best way to get started is to remember the 5S technique.  This is the same technique that Fortune 500 companies all around the world use and depend on to help them streamline their businesses and keep them competitive.  If it works for them then it certainly can work for you.

Today we are talking about the garage, but actually these techniques can be applied to any living space whether at work or home, so book mark this page and feel free to share it with anyone you know who needs some help organizing there space and reducing the clutter. In the garage, kitchen, office, etc.

Sift- through all of your garage contents.  Decide what you need to keep and what you can part with.

I had purchased an old farmhouse built in the late 1800's with the goal of gutting it and restoring it for my family.  Over the years I accomplished this task, but in the 22 years we lived there every garage, storage building, workshop space, and spare bedroom on the 4 acre property had become packed with all manner of things belonging at one time or another to my wife or one of my children.

When it was time to start thinking about selling the property I knew there was no way I could get the place ready for a realtor to show it to prospective buyers without going through a MAJOR organization project on the garage storage and every other room and storage building in the place.

 This first S, Sift in 5S is where I started.  I basically set out to sift everything into one of four piles.

1) Throw it away-  This was anything that I could identify as having out lived it's usefulness.  Maybe broken items that never got thrown out or I had plans to try to repair them or things like partial bags of potting soil that didn't get used up in the garden. Once you start looking and honestly thinking about it you will be surprised how many things end up in this pile.

2) Give it away- Here we are talking about things that are just too good to toss out, but you cannot really see any use for them anymore in your organized garage.  Rule of thumb here is if you are not going to use something at least every 6 months then do you really need to have it taking up space in your garage storage cabinets?

This could be anything from clothes that no longer fit to things that you know a family member or friend could use more than you.

3) Sell it- Things that don't end up in the first two piles may fit in this category.  All kinds of things can be included here.  A set of tires for a car you no longer own, older models of things in your house that you updated, (i.e. old TV's or appliances).

Things you picked up and never really needed, (some how we ended up with three crockpots). I had the hobby of going to auctions and I would stick around to the end of the sale when they were selling whole tables full of stuff for a dollar just to get it out of their building.  My wife would always ask, "Where are you going to put that!?!"

***BONUS PRO TIP***  Auctions are a great way to get rid of stuff.  You don't know how much you may get out of any particular item, but you know everything will be gone. 

Unlike having a garage sale where you spend days getting ready for it and after it is over you still have most of your junk. Become familiar with your local auction houses and find out which ones take consignments.

4) Keep it Congratulations!  Now you can start the next step in your garage storage organization project.  This is the cream, the things you can't live without.  Once you sift everything down to this level then you are ready to move forward.

(S)ort- what remains into separate groups based on your needs or wants, (ie. tools, toys, household items, or summer, spring, winter, etc).

This will be based on personal preference as much as anything.  You may want to keep all of your tools together, or you may want to keep the plumbing tools in one area, more commonly used tools in an easy to reach storage cabinet and the yard tools outside in the yard barn.  Whatever works for you as long as you have a definite location for everything.

 (S)weep- While you have everything pulled out, get the area clean.

Don't miss a great opportunity to clean out your space while you have the chance. It not only makes everything look better, but it actually will help you with the rest of the process as time goes by.

 (S)tandardize- decide where you want each group of items to be located. “A place for everything and everything in its place”.  Sound familiar?

This is where you establish the new home for every item.  All this work will be for nothing if you do not get in the habit of returning everything to it's proper location after you are finished with it.  So in this phase you must initially decide the best place to keep everything and stick to that decision.

 (S)ustain- develop the habit of returning things to their location after each use.  This can be the hardest part if you are anything like me.  This is the natural progression from the standardize phase. 

In reality you are going to be continuing the standardize phase from now on by sustaining your organization.  Things change, but it is your goal to maintain the organization.  You may get new tools or eliminate old ones, but you sustain the garage organization by immediately adjusting your standardize step.

Not only that, but the other steps as well are an ongoing process.  Keep things clean, keep things sorted, etc.

 2) Cost

What about the cost of garage storage? How much does getting your garage organized cost? 

How much are garage organization systems?

Most homeowners spend between $1,500 and $3,000, with a medium-sized garage organization system costing around $2,500 when professionally installed. However, you can save a lot by buying and installing yourself.  We will show you how.

 It really can cost as little or as much as you want to spend, but when you reclaim your garage it can become as much a functional living space as any other room in your house.  Think about that when setting a budget and remember it does not have to be done all at once.  Today maybe buy some cabinets.  6 months from now go ahead and get that storage lift.  A few months later order that slatwall.  You get the idea.

Some pieces can come at a later date to add to the overall comfort and usability of your space.  Floor mats for example, are critical if you are going to be on your feet for any length of time standing at a work bench or laundry table.

  A good high quality American made ergonomically safe mat like WellnessMats is not cheap, but it will last a lifetime.  In the long run well worth the investment, but not required right at the beginning of your garage organization project. 

 To help you with all of your garage organization problems, we have compiled our “Best 5 Garage Organization and Storage Ideas of 2024”

 From cabinets to racks, from benches to tool chests, from wall storage to storage buildings, we have compiled a list of great ideas and the best garage organization products to help you get started in reclaiming your garage.

 We will cover each category in detail to show you the different qualities and benefits of each component related to that specific idea or strategy for improving your garage storage and organization.  Let’s get started.

1) Garage Storage Cabinets

There are an endless number of brands out there when it comes to selecting a cabinet, so let’s start with what features go into making a good overall selection.

 Which is better cabinets made of steel or wood?

Right from the top you need to decide what type of service you will expect from your cabinets.  If you plan only on using them for light duty, maybe some Christmas decorations or storage for seasonal clothing items then there are several economical and attractive wooden cabinet lines that may function perfectly well for you.

 However, you need to keep in mind that all wooden cabinets are susceptible to moisture over time. Unless you are paying big bucks for custom made cabinets then you are not talking about solid wood, but some grade of particle board. Even if your garage is relatively dry  the snow and rain brought in on your vehicles can cause higher humidity eventually damaging the cabinet.  If your garage space is not climate controlled just the seasonal humidity of most locations can have a noticeable effect in a relatively short time.

 Metal cabinets are much stronger, generally have longer, better warranties and with modern processing and coating techniques, rust or oxidation is not a factor except in very extreme circumstances.  With proper care, metal cabinets will easily last a lifetime.

 How much space do you have?  Do you need hanging or floor cabinets?  Would you like to incorporate a work space or workbench as well?  

 These are all additional questions that you need to ask yourself.  The good thing is that the brands we will show you are all highly modular with a variety in colors and an endless number of combinations to suit your needs.  Many of these are pre designed cabinet packages, but if you don't find one that fits your needs we can custom build a package just for your space. 

 Shelf space? No problem. Hanging items? No problem. Long handled tool storage? We’ve got you covered. Any combination of the above can be arranged for your particular situation.

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 2) Storage Lifts

What is a storage lift?

These come in basically two different styles. 

The first, Attic Elevators which raise your things from the garage floor through the ceiling to your attic floor above for storage. These are great if your home design has attic space above the garage. 

They run typically in the price range of $3000 to $5000 depending on various features.

They have lift platforms in various sizes and lift loads of up to 500 pounds.

This item is quite often incorporated into new home construction, but it can easily be added to existing homes.  There is a bit more work involved in this installation, so unless you have electrical and carpentry experience you may want to hire this done.  We can help with that too.


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The second is a powered unit that basically uses your ceiling space for storage by raising items up off the floor and hanging them from your ceiling. 

 These are one of our best selling items because they basically eliminate the need to climb a ladder while carrying a box or other item to place on a shelf or rack.  Great for storing boxes or hanging awkward items like bicycles, golf clubs and ladders.  The installation of these is relatively simple.  You just need to mount the top rail into the studs of your ceiling and then plug it in.  As long as you are comfortable with a power drill and a few basic hand tools you can have this completed in a couple of hours.

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3) Slatwall

Many people have never heard of Slatwall.  If you are one, then just think pegboard, but much better.  Instead of all the holes associated with pegboard, slatwall uses horizontal grooves in the panel that the different attachments will hang from.

 Which is better: Slatwall or Pegboard?

If you want to organize your garage, both work well for turning your wall space into storage for those hanging tools.  Slatwall however has some noteworthy advantages over Pegboard.  The main one being that it can support more weight than a pegboard system.  Also, there are many more specialized attachments for Slatwall than with Pegboard. 

Our slatwall is produced by ProSlat and is made here in North America.  We carry it in two different materials with different weight load limits.

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4) Outdoor Storage

What type of storage sheds are available?

Outdoor storage? I thought we were talking about organizing the garage? That’s right and sometimes to get your garage organized the way you really want it you need to consider moving things out of it. A yard barn or storage shed can play a critical role in your garage organization project.

 This extra storage building allows you to concentrate the things you need for the yard in their own space.  Think lawn mower, yard tools, the grill, deck chairs, etc.  Whatever size storage shed you have room for, it will quickly become a focal point of your storage and organization needs.

 We have an endless variety of shapes, sizes, door/window combinations as well.  There are some available that allow you to add modifications like shelving or other wall storage options.  The storage shed is a critical component to any well organized home.

10 year warranty, Paint free exterior, Rust Proof

Just a few of the features that make a yard barn a very useful aspect of your complete storage system.

Choose Your Storage Shed

5) Garage Furniture

This is our final category.  These items help finish off your garage organization by providing some additional little  storage nooks like deck boxes, or just making your space more functional and safe.  Ergonomic floor mats and chairs make any workstation (workbench, desk) not only more comfortable, but better for your long term health.  You should even consider using these items in rooms other than just your garage organization.

Duramax Work Bench

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That does it for our  “Top 5 Garage Organization and Storage Ideas for 2024”

Keep in mind that this article was written from the perspective of organizing an existing garage that was already cluttered and in disarray.  However all of these suggestions and products are equally effective in new construction as well as existing homes.

 Although it is not always possible we try to offer as many "MADE IN THE USA" products as we can.  Regardless of where our products originate just rest assured that you are supporting an American company owned and operated by an American family when you do business with Garage Tools Storage.

 Feel free to contact us with any questions at with any questions concerning availability or installation needs.  We are happy to help any way we can.

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